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Growing great schools 

PAVE has a 25 year track record of growing and expanding quality school options in the city of Milwaukee. And while our city has a greater variety of educational choices than nearly any other large city in the US, not enough of these options provide the quality of education that our students deserve. 

PAVE understands that great schools are at heart well run organizations that make great teaching and learning possible. These organizations wisely allocate resources toward the classroom, set high expectations for themselves and their students, and leverage partnerships with parents and the community to make great learning happen. PAVE is the only school support organization in Milwaukee, or indeed nationally, that works to build the capacity of these school organizations that are so critical to school success. 


PAVE strengthens our network schools as organizations by:

  • Coaching and mentoring school leaders and board members to help them overcome organizational challenges, attract outside resources and increase school enrollment. PAVE's consulting services with schools are highly tailored to each school's individual strengths and challenges. 
  • Recruiting, training and connecting leaders from throughout the area to serve as volunteer board members for PAVE’s network schools. PAVE's Board Corps program has to date recruited, trained and matched nearly100 local leaders to serve in the critical position of volunteer board members, performing an essential oversight and support role for schools. 
  • Providing high level training for volunteer board members and school leaders, helping them become better organized and able to wisely allocate and leverage resources, attract and retain high quality teachers, attract community support, hold school leadership accountable for results. Since 2013, PAVE has trained over 600 school leaders, board members, and school staff, providing them with expertise and guidance they would receive nowhere else. 
  • Connecting school communities to a larger school network, and the community at large, to share ideas and best practices. PAVE's network schools learn from each other through both formal and informal channels, and have opportunities to connect with resources in the wider community, to help them achieve their missions. 
  • Providing targeted financial investments to help excellent schools serve more students. When PAVE's network schools achieve sustained excellence, we invest in their physical expansion so that they can serve more students. Since 2001, PAVE has contributed over $23 million to schools in the form of challenge grants and loans, representing nearly $100 million in investment in new high quality schools serving low-income students in Milwaukee.


Our Results

As a data-driven organization, PAVE continually evaluates our own work, the organizational changes that happen in our network schools, and, ultimately, the academic progress made by the 19,000 students we serve. Our most important results, to date:

  • According to an independent researcher, schools in PAVE's network schools significantly outpace their counterparts outside of the PAVE network, and the city average, in both math and reading. 
  • The 32 schools that formally joined the PAVE network in 2012 posted results that were, as a group, average with schools across the city. In 2016, those same schools scored significantly higher than the city average, evidence that PAVE's network schools are improving over time.


PAVE's School Assessment

Every two years, PAVE's network schools complete PAVE's assessment that evaluates a school's capacity to create and sustain educational excellence through analysis of Governance & Leadership, Financial Stewardship, Partnerships with Parents & Community, and Academic Infrastructure. The process includes:

  1. Written Assessment
  2. In-Person Interviews
  3. Site Visits
  4. Internal PAVE Assessment
  5. Feedback Tool

Hear a more detailed explanation of the assessment process HERE.

The assessment serves as a guide for an individualized service and support plan for each Partner School. PAVE provides a variety of services and programs to our Partner Schools, based on the immediate and longer-term needs of each unique school community. During the 2016-2017 school year, PAVE will work with approximately 36 school networks, comprised of 55 schools serving over 19,000 students. 



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